Hey y’all,

We’ve been on a little hiatus. Sam’s been busy moving and with a new baby. I’ve been auditioning an upright bass player, and writing new songs. Paul’s been working with me on composing new music. We’ll be back out there before long, better than ever.


Rob’s Birthday Party at Gennaro’s Aug 30, 2014

Here’s some photos of Scupanon playing at Rob Roper’s birthday party at Gennaro’s Lounge on August 30, 2014. At various times we were joined by Brian Hunter on bass, who engineered and co-produced Rob and Paul’s album, “The Other Side of Nowhere”, and opening band Scarecrow Revival’s Don Alles on bass and Johnny Cajon on– what else?– cajon. Thanks to Theresa Alles for the photos, we had a blast!









Working on new songs

I’m working on some new songs for Scupanon. I can’t promise when I’ll have one ready, but hopefully soon. If any Scupanon fans have a story to tell that you’d like me to write a song about, then please email me at rob@scupanon.com. –Rob

Grand Lake June 8

Paul and Rob played a gig at Daven Haven Lodge in Grand Lake on June 8. It was part of a two-day acoustic music festival. The crowd was great; they were listening closely to each song. There was a photographer there and I’ll post some pics when I get them.


Park House in Denver April 17!

Hey y’all,

Scupanon is playing at the Park House in Denver this Thursday, April 17. We are the second of three bands playing that night, going on at 9pm.  Park House is a really cool new venue in Denver. It has several rooms, a lot of wood, tables and chairs, folks sitting around drinking and talking– like an Irish pub. I felt very comfortable there. If you live in Denver or nearby, come hang out with us Thursday!


Gennaro’s Lounge 5pm today

Paul and I are playing today at Gennaro’s Lounge in Denver.  The owners are having a party all weekend to celebrate their 5th anniversary of ownership.  There will be an outdoor stage with people playing all day Saturday and Sunday.  We play from 5:00-6:30pm.  There is no cover charge.  Gennaro’s is at 2598 S. Broadway in Denver.